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How to herd cats: Compression Planning ® 101

Full disclosure: I love Compression Planning ®. As I begin my 21st year working in higher education, I am in love with this process that transforms meetings into working sessions. Actual work is produced. A plan is created. Cats are herded. The sky is blue and it never rains.

Prospecting for Gold: Small Nuggets Can Lead to Large Rewards

When you are researching for grant funding prospects, it can be tempting to consider only those foundations that offer large awards. The argument against pursuing small grants has centered on not being worth the time to pursue awards that aren’t in the tens of thousands (or more).

Bye Bye DUNS, Bye Bye Old Login, Hello Begin Again I Think I'm Gonna Cry, Bye Bye My DUNS Good Bye

There goes our old DUNS. Here’s something new. In fact, there are three new protocols in the works in the System for Award Management (, all of which significantly impact our ability to pursue and receive federal funds. 
The timeline for these changes began in 2018 and will continue over the next 18 months to December 2020. Please note the new requirements and check your registration.

Speak Up for Ethics

On any given day, there is at least one headline of unethical behavior within both for-profit and non-profit organizations. We know it exists in Hollywood, within religious organizations, youth serving groups, sporting teams, educational institutions at all levels, by government and military leaders, and in almost all professions where the dynamic of a power differential exist. So, how do we, as grant professionals, be sure we are elevating our field so that we are not the next profession on the news?

When It's Time

At the one-year anniversary in my research development position, I have been conducting an informal self-assessment. In this business, grant “wins” are the ultimate measure of success. So my thoughts initially spiraled around individual grant and contract submissions that I have led.