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Archive July 2019

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Subcontracting Lessons Learned from a Department of Labor Audit

Several years back, I led a GPA conference session on subcontracting, which included a section on labor laws. I discussed classifying subcontractors as independent contractors versus employees and the legal risks of worker misclassification (i.e., paying past payroll taxes, interest and penalties). So it was ironic when, six months later, my state’s Department of Labor (DOL) determined I was in violation of employee labor laws and wanted me to pay three years of back payroll taxes!


Finding the Right Fit: Are You Working at a Place Where You Can Thrive?

Not all grant professionals are alike. Not all work environments are alike either. To find the best fit, learn your own style and understand organizational models.

Ethics and Risk Assessment

At the 2018 GPA Annual Conference during the Ethics Discussion Den, we discussed how difficult it can be to make a case for the GPA Code of Ethics to organization decisionmakers who are not Grant Professionals. The concept of Risk Assessment was suggested as a useful framework.

Are You Under-Sharing?: The Value of Communicating Successes

When was the last time you took the time to celebrate a funded application? Sure, most of us are thrilled to receive a notice of award and excitedly pass along the news to clients or supervisors. But, if you are anything like me, you quickly return to the next proposal and looming deadline.