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Considering Subcontracting as a Grant Professional? You Better Be Prepared!

This year, I celebrate my 30th anniversary as a grant professional and 12th anniversary as principal of Scala & Associates. As I reflect on the years past, I remain grateful for the success I continue to experience in this field and pleasure I derive from my work. One way in which I’ve developed my business is through subcontracting.

Start with Why: Innovation is not for Everyone

We all know the buzzwords – cultivation, transformation, implementation, innovation. After a while they seem like words without any meaning. In some cases, organizations are trying to be shapeshifters in order to fit into a funder’s priorities when they are actually losing focus as to what makes their organizations tick. Also, they don’t seem to keep their clients and supporters at the top of mind. Here’s an example….

A Tale of Two Boards

Although I began my journey as a grants professional as the assistant for a Grants Director at a medical research institution, I have had the special honor of working with small to mid-size nonprofits, both on staff and in a consulting role, for the bulk of my career. This has allowed me to gain much insight into the inner workings of nonprofit boards and their expectations for grant funding, as well as broader fundraising initiatives.

Using Conflict Resolution Strategies to Strengthen Grantseeking

When you encounter workplace conflict, do you react instinctively? Or do you take a minute to think through how to effectively respond? Conflicts emerge often for grant professionals, from the smaller tensions around word choice or shared tasks to much larger disagreements on management and ethics. Recently, I had the opportunity to learn more about conflict resolution and the different ways we can approach workplace conflicts.


Grant Funders are People, Too: Don't Forget Stewardship!

Keeping your donors in the loop and continuing to cultivate a relationship after a donation is received is often defined as “stewardship.”

Preparing Potential Clients for Grant Success in 30 Minutes or Less

When I started my consulting business, I was surprised by the number of organizations that inquired about grant services that were nowhere near grant ready...