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Addressing Overhead with a Comprehensive Budget

“Overhead” is considered a dirty word in too many nonprofit circles. Organizations are walking on eggshells talking about overhead with a donor or grantmaker...

Living a Double Life

As both a CEO and Development Executive, I exist in two competing realities demanding extremely different skillsets. However, instead of playing Jekyll and Hyde, I connect the executive functions of strategic planning with the departmental skillsets of grant writing and program development. In today’s competitive funding world, the executive who becomes adept at practicing cross-functional, multi-disciplinary work skills will realize the biggest asset in driving organizational growth.

Ruminations about a grant professional’s obligations

Some sponsors and funding programs limit the number of references that can be included with a proposal. They may do this by capping the number of references allowed, by limiting the number of pages for citations, or by requiring that the references be included in the main proposal and adhere to that section’s page limit.

Using the Scrum Framework to Assist In Your Prioritization of Grant Projects

How can post-it notes, sharpie markers, and a white board help transform the prioritization process for your grant applications as an organization?
It sounds like a bad joke leftover from April Fool’s Day, and the simple answer is that of course the tools can’t transform your process.

You Are Already a Mentor

Katie was more than a great grants professional, she was my mentor. She pushed me to seek something bigger than myself. She asked how I had moved my vision forward. Katie connected me with other grant professionals, suggested tools to incorporate into my work habits, and provided a listening ear when a proposal got derailed.

The Translation Equation: Cross-Collaboration With Finance

By: Kimberly Hays de Muga, GPC - 

During a vacation in Scotland, I stopped to ask for directions from a farmer working near the road. He propped his scythe against the low stone wall, and proceeded to relate in great detail the turns needed to arrive at the ruin of the castle. I recognized enough words to realize we were both speaking English but missed much of the message—directions I had just requested—because of the marked differences in our accents and word usage.