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Avoiding Dirty Data: Getting to the Clean of Things

Where does dirty data originate from and how can we, as proposal developers, avoid it? In 2018, Forrester Research, an American market research company, published an article entitled, “How Dirty is Your Data.”

Grantmaker Relationships Simplified

When it comes to forming respectful, professional relationships with grantmakers, at least two questions come to the minds of many grantseekers. The first is how to bridge the perceived power differential or social distance.  The second is how to get time with a grantmaker, given that many other grantseekers are also attempting the same thing.


Using Advocacy and Government Relations to Expand the Funding Pool

Non-profit agencies and grants departments always need strategies that result in increased funding. Waiting for the next highly competitive funding round or modifying readily available grants are often the least effective means of solving the issue. Although it might not always seem possible, influencing the pool of funding opportunities is an effective strategy. Advocacy and government relations are two strategies to explore to help increase funding pools and connect with new resources. Following are a few government relations and advocacy basics that can help influence the funding needed for a program.

Start with Why: Grant Writers are Great Storytellers

Let’s be honest, grant writing can be time consuming, draining, and (sometimes) boring work, especially when we repeat language over and over again. I get it, we can’t always write the next Pulitzer Prize winning piece of work, but how can we reframe our thinking so that we can stay motivated? I say, start with why!