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Archive February 2019

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Measuring What Matters

Working as a nonprofit/foundation consultant and university professor, I feel like I have seen it all. Foundations telling organizations what to measure, organizations measuring too many things, and even worse – organizations measuring nothing at all. Then again, I have seen organizations measuring the most impactful things, the best logic models written on a coffee shop napkin before becoming infographics of beauty, and some organizations make measurement so simple and impactful that they have youth program participants doing it with them.


I Survived an OIG Audit and Lived to Tell the Tale


Without knowing it, I was hired to clean up an Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Audit, and I lived to tell the tale. (First lesson learned: ask about the status of current grant programming during your interview.)

Events & Volunteer Update - Winter 2019

First of all, thank you to all of you who volunteer with GPA. Our association continues to move forward because of you!

Good Leaders are also Good Followers

I recently attended a large national conference and felt nearly every other word was “Leadership.”  And while we are all encouraged to lead, we are expected to be an empowering and confident leader as well.

How to Handle No

As grant professionals, we have all seen the dreaded rejection letter come back from a funder for whom we spent countless hours preparing the perfect grant proposal, stellar logic model and crystal-clear budget. These denial letters, as I prefer to call them, are an inevitable part of the profession. What is more important is knowing what to do when you receive such a reply. How do you handle “no” in your professional life…or personal life? Read on to learn about three key strategies to help you plan and recover quickly and seamlessly.