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Maximize Your ROI on Environmental Scanning

The Society for Human Resource Management defines environmental scanning as a systematic process of surveying and interpreting relevant data to identify external opportunities and threats. Effective grant professionals do this every day to stay current on evidence-based strategies, innovations, funding trends, and best practices. I imagine that most of us have a library of regular email newsletters, funding agency alerts, professional publications, and sector-specific news sources that we monitor regularly. We are committing a great deal of time and energy to this task, but are we maximizing its value to our work? What good is all of the information that we are gathering if we cannot recall it, or retrieve it when we need it?

Best Site Visit Ever

Site visits come in all forms—pun intended. Often times they turn up on short notice, sometimes with little direction. They’re important events, ones to showcase your agency’s hard work and grant progress. How to navigate and conduct site visits is a crucial, relational part to becoming a grant professional.