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2015 GPF Conference Scholar Blog - Coleen Barry
I was very happy to learn that the Grant Professionals Foundation awarded me the Susan Kemp Memorial Scholarship to attend the 2015 Grant Professionals Association Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. As the conference has come and gone, I can report that it was well worth attending.
Coleen Barry - GPF Conference Scholarship blog PROOF hs rev.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2016 - GPA Chapters around the Country Celebrate #IGPD and #IGPW
Authors: DeaRonda Harrison and Danny Blitch, GPC
GPA Chapters Around the Country Celebrate IGPD.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2016 - IGPD GPA Board Proclamation
Full Signed Board Proclamation 2016 IGPD.jpg [DOWNLOAD]

2016 - It's an All Day Blab: International Grant Event March 16, 2016
Author: Danny Blitch, MPA, GPC
It's an All Day Blab - International Grant Event.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2016 - It’s Time to Recognize and Celebrate Grant Professionals
Author: Mike Chamberlain, Chief Executive Officer of GPA
It's Time To Recognize and Celebrate Grant Professionals.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2016 - Moments - IGPD Blog Article
Author: Patricia Duboise, MBA, GPC
2016 IGPD Blog Article - Moments by Patricia Duboise.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2016 Blog Article - Don't Take Your Profession for Granted: #IGPD
Author: Kimberly Hays de Muga, GPC
Don't Take Your Profession for Granted IGPD.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

2017 - IGPD Chapter Proclamation Template
2017 IGPD Chapter Proclamation.docx [DOWNLOAD]

2017 - IGPD Letter to Chapter Leaders from GPA Board President
IGPD Board President Letter 2017.docx [DOWNLOAD]

2017 Social Media Examples IGPD
View this document for tweetables and post examples for IGPD.
Tweetables - International Grant Professionals Day 2017.docx [DOWNLOAD]

IGPD RECOGNITION COMMENDATION letter for grant professionals
IGPD RECOGNITION COMMENDATION letter for grant professionals.docx [DOWNLOAD]

Importance of Grant Writing as a Profession
Importance of Grant Writing as a Profession.pdf [DOWNLOAD]

International Grant Professionals Day Press Release
Grant Professionals Day Press Release 2017.docx [DOWNLOAD]


PHOTO - Cheers IGPD 2015
Cheers IGPD.jpg [DOWNLOAD]

PHOTO - Coffee and Bagels IGPD 2015
Coffee and Bagels IGPD.jpg [DOWNLOAD]

PHOTO - Danny Blitch IGPD 2015
Danny Blitch IGPD.jpg [DOWNLOAD]

PHOTO - Georgia GPA Lunch IGPD 2015
Georgia GPA Lunch IGPD.jpg [DOWNLOAD]


PHOTO - Thank you Decoration IGPD 2015
Thank you Decoration IGPD.jpg [DOWNLOAD]

Thank You Template for IGPD Partners
Use this sample document to assist you in thanking the partners for making this year's IGPD so great!
Thank you Template to IGPD Partners 2017.doc [DOWNLOAD]