Enabled Prospecting

I have written about prospecting for scientific research grants before (see: “Prospective ABCs”) for GPA. I thought a bit of retro-reflection might be productive. So in January, I entered my name into the GPA Grant News contributor list, downloaded the template to write a new article, and resolved to commit to a title. 


Volunteer Relations Program - Winter 2017

Thanks to all of our GPA Volunteers! Our association is who we are because of what you do.

Creating a Strong Prospect List

How many times have you been tasked with coming up with a new, golden egg of a prospect list that has limitless (UNRESTRICTED) dollars to add to your agency's ever increasing revenue needs? 

Grabbing Coffee Might Not Involve a Cup o' Joe

Throughout my career, I've been encouraged to leave the office and grab a cup of coffee. As Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz describes, coffee has become synonymous with relationship:
“We're in the business of human connection and humanity, creating communities in a third place between home and work.”


Prioritizing Prospects for the Overworked Grant Writer

We have all been there: “Deadline Season.” There are too many deadlines, too little time, stress is high, and the pressure is on. How do you prioritize which proposals to move forward? 

What Lies Ahead

As I start my third year as the CEO of the Grant Professionals Association (although it hardly seems that long ago I was meeting people in Portland at my first GPA Conference), I am looking forward to the exciting initiatives and programs we have planned for GPA members in 2017. Here are just a few of them:

Project Planning to Start Your Year Off Right

Do you remember those days at the beginning of each school year when you would sharpen your pencils, buy a new Trapper Keeper, and place your required school supplies in your backpack? You were ready and eager to start off the school year on the right path. As we get older and more engrossed in our routines and work, we become less enchanted by the thought of starting anew. I will even venture to say that many of us might dislike (or even fear) change. 

Strategic Planning: Don't Make It a New Year's Resolution, Make it Part of Your Business Plan

According to the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology, 38% of Americans never make New Year's resolutions and of the 45% who usually do make them, only 8% of them are successful in achieving their resolution. I must admit that I am one of those people who has never seen much value in waiting until midnight on December 31st to announce plans for a behavior or professional change that needed to be made much sooner. How about you?

Using Management Plans to Your Competitive Advantage

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
-Benjamin Franklin


I started writing this article by looking for statistics on the number of nonprofits with a strategic, marketing, communications, development, human resources (you name it because this could go on forever) plan. Some anecdotal evidence suggests less than 50% have a strategic plan, and even fewer have any other formal written plans for other areas of nonprofit management.

Headache Relief for Novice Writers: Tips for Thoughtful Grant Planning

“Just read over this and make it happen,” the grant writer nonchalantly stated as he placed the 80&page program narrative into my hands on my first day of work. There was no training manual, knowledge of the Grants Professional Association or LinkedIn discussion group to assist me as the new program director. The classic English proverb proved true, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” The need to implement a complex grant led me to learn firsthand the necessary components of a well&written grant that is attractive to funders and simple for grant management staff to implement.