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GPA Pioneer Award Nominations are now open!
The nomination process is now open! Nominate an organization that has done extraordinary work in the grant profession for the 2016 GPA Pioneer Award TODAY!

GPA Conference Registration is now Open!
Register to attend THE Premier Event for Grant Professionals It's where the Grant People Meet!
We want to see you this fall at the GPA Annual Conference, November 9-12, 2016 in Atlanta, GA. Registration is now open! Learn more about the conference by visiting the Annual Conference pages of our website

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This is part of the popular In the Trenches™ series, published by CharityChannel Press. You’ll know an In the Trenches™ book not just by its cover, but by the author’s fun, upbeat writing style. But don’t be fooled by its down-to-earth approach and ample use of sidebars. In the Trenches books are authoritative and cover what a beginner should know to get started and progress rapidly, and what a more experienced nonprofit-sector practitioner needs to move forward in the subject.


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  • Laying the Groundwork for Successful Implementation through Program Logic Charts

    • Tuesday, May 24, 2016
    • Rebecca Vermillion Shawver

    Those of you that have ever attended one of my workshops on program logic models know I have had an ongoing love affair with them ever since I took my very first United Way workshop back in the 1980s. The logical relationships illustrated by these simple tables were easy for me to grasp. I quickly learned that fully developed logic charts could simplify proposal development, program implementation, and evaluation. Looking back, I know that UW workshop has proven more valuable to me as a grant professional than most of the graduate college courses I took.   

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  • Don't Let Your Grants Go Wild: Strategies Promoting Responsibility

    • Monday, May 16, 2016
    • Mark Whitacre

    The bubbly is flowing, the music is blaring, and people are dancing on table-tops. It's either spring break or an organization just got a major grant. While it is okay to celebrate a grant award for a while, the party has to end, and the real work must begin. Unfortunately, some organizations see the big money and continue celebrating until the money is gone, the police are called, or the grant funder shuts the party down.   

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  • The Ethics of No

    • Monday, May 16, 2016
    • Cheryl Weiner

    Saying no often leads to anxiety. It is a distinct refusal, and we associate it with causing disappointment. For example, how many of us look forward to disappointing our children? None of us, but we learn to ignore the consequences of our refusals (tantrums!) because saying no may keep our children safe.  

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